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    Trauma Response

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    Description: This blend is a very effective pain calmer and know to be an anti inflammatory. Truly helpful for whip lash, back pain, including injured disks and some arthritis. Speeds healing of frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel gets valuable relief.  Really, I don't use any other natural pain soothers, not even arnica!

    How to use: Half a pump and you're good to apply to affected areas.  Always shake this before use. Or use the new roll on.

    Special features: Native Forest Remedies uses a high, pure-grade grapeseed oil as a base for our herbal penetrating moisturizing oils, salves and lip balm. Hand gathered herbs, greens, barks, flowers and pure essential oils, as well as bee’s wax from local hives, are our only ingredients.

    Skin types: All

    Why I LOVE this: It is the most deeply healing oil I have ever used. As a massage therapist for over 25 years I love using this oil to ease trauma, inflammation and pain of soft tissue.

    Works well with: Massage, and any unscented lotion

    Size: 2oz

    Ingredients: Grape seed oil, Willow extract, Cottonwood extract and Peppermint essential oil.