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    About me

    Your Journey in Self-care

    is a beautiful journey that can be expanded and enhanced by using products that you love, and that are healthy for you. Having products that are non-toxic, natural and pure is the name of the game when it comes to you and your whole beauty. Seeing you thrive in your life with confidence and purpose brings a smile to my face!

    From beauty products to essential oils, the products here are famous for their high quality, natural and clean ingredients. They have a high commitment to the environment, supporting small business and in supporting the environment around the world.

    Hi, I'm Colleen Fletcher and these are my

    Core Values

    At Wholistic Beauty Boutique I believe in the grace of simplicity. I want to share with you what I value, personally and professionally. These are the core values, and you can expect to see them in all of my interactions with you:

    I believe in Whole Health and Happiness.

    I believe in Living a Thriving Life and Whole Beauty.

    I believe in you living your life with confidence and purpose.

    I believe in the next 7 generations.

    Happiness - Good fortune, pleasure, content, smiling, and internal well being. Whatever happiness is for you, my work frees your body, mind and spirit to allow happiness to radiate daily in your life.

    The next 7 generations - Taking care of yourself, your family and our planet. I ensure that I do my part in curating our world in a way that the next seven generations can live in happiness and peace, in an environment sustainable and thriving, filled with ALL life. Here’s to you and Mother Earth!

    Honesty – I believe honesty is key. I will always be honest with you and I encourage you to seek honesty in yourself. "I mean what I say, I say what I mean, and I say it nicely," honestly.

    Giving –Giving to others is my way of paying forward my gratitude toward everyone, and everything that has contributed to where and who I am today. As a business, I give in many ways to the community and to the world. I support the arts, stopping the sex trade, stopping slavery, the environment, libraries and parks.

    Comfort – You are welcome here; I extend an open invitation to you, both in my brick and mortar boutique and online. I strive to create a sanctuary style environment that will make you feel safe, supported, and nurtured. I believe that such an environment is necessary for trust, and that trust is necessary for true growth.

    Love – In caring for you, expect me to use love as a guiding principle.  I love, LOVE. I have a love for nature, our world, ourselves and others. Love is at the center of my work. 

    Gratitude - "Thank you. Thanks to you, my business exists." Gratitude is my way of incorporating honesty, love, comfort, confidence, purpose and happiness into my services, and my business. And it is my way of passing on benevolence to the next seven generations. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


    Reuse, Reduce, Recycle— I do not just think green, I am green. I practice in ways that support, sustain, and honor the world we live in. My products, my tools and my processes reflect these values. I love our planet, the communities we all live in, and I have no problem showing it!  I've even got a free gift for you that is totally recycled and upcycled - ask me.

    About Wholistic Beauty Boutique

    A health and wellness boutique filled with handmade gifts and natural products.​Wholistic Beauty Boutique is an adventure in entrepreneurship centered in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual essence of your whole being. I give my clients a unique experience in personal care, the products and services I offer are designed to support and inspire your journey into loving and caring for yourself, your family and community. Conveniently located on Emerald Street in Boise with plenty of free parking, both in front of my cottage style building and in the back, accessible via either of the side streets.  And if you aren’t in the Treasure Valley area, you can access the products and some of the services you need through this website!


    I want you to be pleased with every product you purchase here.  If you should need to return a product, I will gladly accept in store credit on unopened items in their original condition and on opened items that may have caused and allergic reaction*.

    Returned items can only be accepted within 30 days of original purchase date.  Please have a copy of your receipt and note the reason for the return.

    I can not accept returned items if more than 30% of the product has been used.

    *In the case of an allergic reaction to a product, I ask that you enclose your original receipt and a brief description of your symptoms.

    Shipping costs can be discussed but ultimately they are your responsibility.