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    Bespoke Organic Lip Balms

    Botanical Bee Apothecary

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    Description: Organic shea and coconut butters moisturize chapped dry lips and carefully chosen essential oils make them good enough to eat.

    How to use: Directly on dry, chapped, or cracked lips.

    Special Features: Handmade and poured in small batches. 

    Works well with: Cooling Eye Serum. Bonus - use it on your upper lip too!!

    Skin Types: For your most kissable lips ever!  Chapped dry lips will rejoice over our handmade lip treatment. 

    Size:  .17 oz

    Ingredients: Coconut oil,* Avocado oil,* Jojoba oil,* Carrot oil,* Castor oil,*Calendula,* Chamomile,* Marshmallow root,* Essential oils*

    *Certified Organic