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    Musicians Sessions

    Wholistic Beauty Boutique

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    Harder to quantify, this service is for our wiley musician friends out there. We know it’s rough on the road, so Colleen welcomes you to join in wherever you may be.

    Repetitive use of specific muscle groups and stressful working conditions can culminate into serious issues. So Colleen came up with a few ideas to help!

    Oftentimes, a bit of guidance is all you need to keep yourself healthy on tour. Colleen has all sorts of stretches, meditations and helpful habits to keep you playing at your peak.


    Since the likelihood of you being in Boise is only ever a few days a year, she engineered a way to personalize Skype sessions.


    I offer these sessions for both local and distance clients. Naturally, if you are in our area, feel free to schedule any of our other services as well. But if you’re away on tour, live in another town or country, or you just can’t find the time to stop by in between rehearsals and gigs, check out our array of distance work.