People tell me the skin on their legs is pretty gross this time of year as it is so dry. BODY PEELS help

Mist of Immortelle


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Description:  Aromatic waters of neroli (orange blossom) and helichrysum italicum join forces with revered skin essential oils of Corsican immortelle, frankincense, and blue tansy to improve skin quality, health, and radiance. Alongside completing the cleansing process through its natural purifying power, its astringent nature will help shrink the appearance of pores. It improves elasticity, uplifts and tightens sagging skin. It improves lackluster and tired looking skin by stimulating skin cells to regenerate.
How To Use:  Spray on to face and neck any time your skin needs refreshed and renewed.
Special Features:  Immortelle is also known a helichrysm or everlasting.  Known around the world for its skin healing properties.
Skin Types:  All - Really all skin types
Why I LOVE This Product:  The brilliant way it leaves your skin hydrated and glowing.
Works Well With:  Daytime Serum #1
Size:  50ml - currently the company has this labeled as 100ml it is however
Ingredients:  ​Aromatic waters of Moroccan orange blossom (neroli) and Corsican immortelle (helichrysum italicum). Essential oils of Corsican immortelle, blue tansy, frankincense, and Moroccan orange blossom.