People tell me the skin on their legs is pretty gross this time of year as it is so dry. BODY PEELS help

Mineral Light Lip Color

La Bella Donna

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Description: Rich, creamy with a satiny texture and lush shine describes this La Bella Donna makeup artist’s favorite. Ceramide 2 nourishes and conditions the lips providing the perfect protection for lips long after the appearance of colour disappears. La Bella Donna’s mineral pigments are long-lasting and create lips that are very luminous when viewed from different angles of light.

How to use: Apply to lips when needed.

Why we LOVE this: These colours are vibrant and wear well.

Special Features:  Highest level of mineral pigment for colour and quality. Ceramide 2 designed to keep lips smooth and protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays

Works well with: Lip Balm

Skin Types: all