Stress Affects Your Skin
Body, Mind Spirit tips to reduce stress and
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    Have a safe and happy new year

    Meet & Greet Your Higher Self

    Wholistic Beauty Boutique

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    I have a New Years class coming up on... New Year’s Day at 10am 😉 

    During our time together you will find and connect with that deep trusting, knowing part of yourself. The easy cues of usage for enhancing your trust deep within yourself will be nurtured for how you need them to be.

    Integrations of the information gained will be further enhanced with stretching for your body. The combination and artful blending of body, mind and spirit all to enhance YOU.

    Currently it is on sale, until Monday 28th at midnight.

    Take the first step to trusting yourself more deeply. 

    this will be held online via my discord server. 
    Here is the link to join.