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    Hypnotherapy & Metaphysical Guidance

    Wholistic Beauty Boutique

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    Hypnotherapy sessions bypasses your brain’s mental blocks, taking you into your subconscious and even your superconscious minds to heal. Your subconscious may be holding onto past experiences. Our hypnotherapy sessions are designed to call forth confidence, passion, dreams/goals, and a healthy life.


    Sessions begin with a goal: Whether you come in with a specific goal in mind or you need help coming up with one, we start by tailoring the session to your needs. Afterward, you lie on our comfy massage table to immerse yourself in deep relaxation.


    I use time-honored hypnotherapy treatments to access your conscious mindset, after which we delve into your subconscious thought processes to guide you toward a better, fuller you. And that’s Bypassing your brains Critical Factor!