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Fairy Wings

3 Flower Healing

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Description: Honor Sensitivity Trust in love and the blessing of fairies and beings of light in your life. Celebrate yourself as a sensitive being. Open to the magic with uplifting essential oils and flower essences. The fairies told me how to make this one! You may see a few after spraying this in your room.

How to use: Spray your space.

Special features: Open to the magic with uplifting essential oils and flower essences. Helps with sensitivity, depression, intimacy, trust, fairy vision

Why we LOVE this: Bergamot’s quality as a ‘phototoxin’ can actually be put to good use in Winter. On a subtle level, the essential oil makes us more sensitive to light. I don’t recommend having a massage with Bergamot oil and then sunbathing or using a sun bed. You might get seriously sunburnt! But in Winter, when sunlight on our body is rare, Bergamot can open us to receiving all kinds of light—sunlight, spiritual light, inner radiance, joy, luminescence, and maybe even laughter. Bergamot can lighten depression, our dark feelings, and “the blues”. It can feed our cells with light and balance our appetite. It nourishes our nervous system, which feeds on light, and enlightens our 3rd eye and pineal gland for greater intuition. Bergamot feeds our desire for warmth and sunshine.

Works well with: Sacred Space and a walk.

Size: 2oz

Ingredients: A mellifluous mingling of pure water, pure (wild & organic) essential oils of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon with Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences.