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    Cleansing Oil for Balanced Skin

    Botanical Bee Apothecary

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    Description: Cleanse and nourish in one step.  This cleansing oil will remove makeup, sunscreen and environmental impurities while leaving your face truly clean and nourished.  Unlike most harsh commercial cleansers, this oil cleanser will not strip your face of its natural oils, signaling your skin that it is not necessary to produce additional oil and thereby balancing out the skin’s oil production. Your face will thank you.

    How to use: Start with 2 - 3 pumps, add more as needed.  Massage on face and neck in a gentle upward motion for at least 1 minute to dissolve impurities and makeup.  Rinse with a warm washcloth.

    Special features: Crafted in small batches in Spokane Washington.

    Skin types: This is gentle and balanced enough to work with all skin types.

    Why I love this: Smooth, clean, nourished skin is my goal, and this does that. Whether I am cleansing my own skin or working with clients this gives me the results I crave.

    Works well with: Green Tea Nutrient Scrub (it's really more of a polish) but my favorite way to use it is with my Peppermint Cleanser.

    Size: 2oz

    Ingredients: Safflower oil*, jojoba oil*, hazelnut oil*, castor oil*, vitamin E* and essential oils. *certified organic