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    Cellulite Reduction Body Oil

    Wholistic Beauty Boutique

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    Description: Blended to reduce the visible signs of cellulite on your body. 

    How to use: Add into your bath. Use with a massage or bodywrap. Apply daily to your legs, buttocks and arms.

    Why I LOVE this: The smell is one of my favorite things about this blend. But, I feel I should say something about how effective it is too. So, yep, it is ideal to use when you are wanting to detox your body of unwanted deposits of cellulite.

    Special Features: Responsibly sourced ingredients.

    Works well with: A sensible eating routine.

    Skin Types: all

    Size:  2oz

    Ingredients: Essential oils of Lemongrass, Cypress, Orange, Rosemary, Fennel, and Patchouli. Carrier oils of Jojoba and Hazelnut.