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    Lip Sheer Lip Gloss

    La Bella Donna

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    Description:  Designed as a treatment product with colour, this high-gloss Mineral Lip Sheer may be worn alone or to enhance Mineral Light Lip Colours. The light-weight, non-sticky formula provides a sexy, extremely shiny finish and is perfect for a quick colour ‘touch-up’.

    How To Use: Try applying Lip Sheer in the center of the lips, then pressing tightly to distribute the colour evenly between your top and bottom lips. The high-gloss will attract light, creating an illusion of plumper, fuller-looking lips.

    Special Features:  Developed as a treatment product with colour

    • Wear alone or to enhance any Mineral Light Lip Colour or Lip Pencil
    • Colour is derived from mineral pigments
    • Conditioning properties help retain moisture for the lips
    • Non-sticky

    Skin Types:  All

    Why I LOVE This Product:  Convenience and ease of use. Oh, and the smooth silky lips that they leave behind!