People tell me the skin on their legs is pretty gross this time of year as it is so dry. BODY PEELS help

Stress Reduction Oil

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Description: Designed for use in my massage practice in 1995. Perfect for home use to bring about soothing calm in times of stress.

How to use: Use daily on dry skin. When life is stressful and you want to bring about calm. When you receive your monthly massage.

Why I LOVE this: Well, because it is a mainstay of my massage practice. The way it easily soothes away tensions with lemongrass and lavender. Inviting you to be one with your inner calm.

Special Features: Responsibly sources ingredients.

Works well with: Your next bath.

Skin Types: All

Size:  2oz

Ingredients: Essential oils of sweet orange, lemongrass, lavender, nutmeg and bergamot. Carrier oils of jojoba and hazelnut.