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Liquid Sunshine

3 Flower Healing

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Description: Enliven your body & enrich your spirit with a luminous mist of wildflowers & essential oils. Ground yourself in this moment with an alluring healing scent. Center yourself when pure joy & with a sense of vibrant strength. Let the energy & warmth of the Sun come beaming in as you surround yourself in the sweet scent of bright bliss & enriched Earth. What abundance!

How to use: Spray your space.

Special features: Stress, Worry, Fatigue, Depression, Prosperity, Balance, Food, Birth, Cravings, Empowerment, Grounding, responsibility, fear.  Ease them all and thrive in your life.

Skin types: All

Why we LOVE this: I LOVE holding the sun in my hand, you will too. Solar power in a bottle.

Works well with: healing sessions

Size: 2oz

Ingredients: A mellifluous mingling of pure water, pure (wild & organic) essential oils of Cardamon, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang with Columbia River Gorge flower essences of Balsamroot, Wild Ginger, & Chocolate Lily.