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    Daytime Serum #1

    Wholistic Beauty Boutique

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    Description: Used for centuries in Japan this delicate, floral aroma is ideal for hair care and skin care.
    How to use: Lightly brush onto skin.
    Run through hair with fingertips, wet or dry. I personally prefer dry hair.
    If using for a moisturizing boost under your eyes, I suggest at night time – apply a drop gently tap onto skin around your eyes then go to sleep.
    Special features: Perfect base, in which, to add your favorite skin moisturizers. 


    Skin types: All

    Why I LOVE this: This is the main item I use in my personal care routine. Daily on my face and neck. Every other day on my hair. More if needed. I love camellia oil. There are soooo many ways to use this nutrient rich oil.

    Works well with: Calendula moisturizer,  honestly, this works well with everything!

    Size: 1 oz  and 2 oz

     Ingredients: Camellia oil