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    The Real Dirt on Signing up for my Email List

    Posted by Colleen Fletcher on

    Signing up for my email list

    A bit about signing up for my email list, and some insight into me.

    I choose to be highly honest with you about signing up for my email list. I would prefer you really want to be a part of my community, rather than begrudgingly signing just to receive a freebie. I want you to be here in my community, because you really want to engage and feel loved. 

    Once you have signed up

    I LOVE connecting with you via email, and I really love hearing back from you too. I share stories about my life, what’s on sale at the boutique (both online and brick & mortar), current blog posts, and what events are upcoming. In general, little dialogs for us to enjoy.

    A few more things to know:

    • I’ll give you a ‘freebie’ even if you don’t want to sign up. Just get in touch with me.
    • Here’s what you will receive. One to two emails a month with some extra emails (2-3) spurring off from there.
    • If you would like, follow me on social media and engage with the community there too.

    Thanks for your continued support!



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