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Stop Selling People

Posted by Colleen Fletcher on

Don't sell people

Sex trafficking is wrong, human trafficking of any form is wrong.

Updated January 2020 

I'm just especially passionate about stopping sex traffickers using the massage industry as a front for such heinous activities.

I want to use this page as an informational site for all people that are doing good things to stop this.  If you know of any resources, people, organizations that are a part of stopping human trafficking then, please send me an email with the info and I will add it to the list!

Tips on how to help stop this from happening in the massage industry?  Know where you are going for a massage.  Ensure that they have licenses and establishment licenses (if applicable).  Talk with them first, get referrals, if you don't feel right at the establishment, leave.

Help, support, share and donate when you can.




I care about humanity, ALL of humanity.  ALL of the time. We are humans, all life matters (including trees, animals and Mother Earth).  Change and growth needs to come with compassion and equality. Together through equality and inclusion we can and will stop selling people.

Inclusion vs Diversity


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